Marketix - Multivendor Digital Goods Marketplace is a complete marketplace script for digital downloads with support system. You can sell your items an online store to suitable marketplace. You can sell anything digital items such as scripts, themes, plugins, print, graphics, mobile app, software, audio files, videos, music, digital art, filters, templates, themes, or photos etc. we provide to help of details documentation it will take few minutes to installation and setup. You can setup your own marketplace sell your items and you will get earning commission.



Step One

To be able to install and use this product, you need:

A website

PHP 7.2 and above

MySQL 5.x Database

Step Two

Download the product from codester or from Official Website and unzip the main zip file that you have downloaded. To install the product you will use Main files folder.

Step Three


To begin installing the product, you must have one of the recommended versions listed above configured on your server before proceeding.

Unzip file and you'll get files and upload on your hosting root directory


Step Three

Then Create your MySQL database and import "marketix.sql" file. (marketix.sql file available on "SQL" folder)


Step Four

Step 3 Then open .env file available on your root directory and change your hostname, mysql database name, database username, database password


Step Five

Step 4 Then open database.php file available on your config/ folder and change your hostname, mysql database name, database username and database password


Step Five

Go to your login page and open your admin panel username : admin password : admin


Step Five

Thank you for purchasing our script. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact from here. Thanks so much!


Step Contact

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Version 1.8.1

Update - Css bugs fixed

Update - technical arrangement made

Version 1.8

Initial version launched